Liveries / Repaints

Just for my own pleasure
Hi, my name is Morgan Lindgren and i live in Sweden and owns MBL Dezign. The main reason that i began create airport and liveries for FSX was because i could't find the ones i wanted or i wanted more details in the sceneries.
When i create a scenery i use as much referense pictures as possible that i can find on internet and maps to locate where to place buildings and details.

But in all my sceneries i have to compromise about what feels important and not. For example, you can fill the scenery with lots of things that you never will experience or see from cockpit in the plane and from a certain height flying over the airport many small details will be unnotised. So if you will not see an object from cockpit at ground around gate i often skip them.

It's an simulation we run and not an mirror of the real world so do not expect the scenery to be a clone or accurate in every details!

PS. you can find many sceneries for the same airport by different creators/groups if you search internet. I suggest you use the ones you like best. My sceneries is done for my pleasures not for competeing with pro's

FSX / P3D & Steam
Mainly i use Flight Simulator X, therefore i creates sceneries and liveries for FSX. But i also have P3D v3, so i assume i'm gonna explore and also create for P3D in the future.

Freeware - No cost
Because all the contents i make is just for fun and with no intention of making money and the fact i'm amateur to this i share my contents for free.
OBS!! It's not okay to sell my contents or include my contents into packages with the intentions to sell without my permission.

Sharing my sceneries and repaints
It's okay to share or links all my packages and pictures on this site as long you keep me as author of the contents and dont make any changes in the content

X-plane or other platforms
All the sceneries in this page is free for you to convert for other platforms. I will not do it myself but i am flattered if you want to. Just dont forget to mention MBL Dezign as source of the main design
- It's totally free to use and re-design or convert our sceneries if you want as long as you put MBL Dezign in as co-producer of your version of the scenery package.
OBS! if you want to add or delete objects for your own use its okay. -And if you want to redistribute the converted scenery you will have to tell what changes you have done from the original scenery.