Liveries / Repaints

MBL Dezign

My name is Morgan B. Lindgren and it all started more than a two decades ago with various flight simulator games on computers like the old Amiga 500 and early PC machines. - Microsoft Flight Simulator became the favorite simulator to use for me and as an flight nerd and overall technical geek i soon started to try to modify the planes and other contents in the games.

In 2014 i started to repaint and make own liveries for some of my favorite airplanes in a more professional way but only for my own pleasure.
2017 i was looking for a scenery of an local airfield where i live but couldn't find any good enough so i started to learn how to do the scenery myself.
After i had created the first version of the scenery others wanted to use it too, so i created this site as a platform to share it and forthcoming projects

FSX / P3D & Steam
Mainly i use Flight Simulator X, therefore i creates sceneries and liveries for FSX. But i also have P3D, so i assume i'm gonna explore and also create for P3D in the future.

Freeware - No cost
Because all the contents i make is just for fun and with no intention of making money and the fact i'm amateur to this i share my contents for free.
OBS!! It's not okay to sell my contents or include my contents into packages with the intentions to sell without my permission.

Distribute packages
It's okay to distribute my original packages from this site through your own site, for your visitors to download. But respect the freeware policy and do not modify any original contents in the packages. MBL Dezign shall be claimed as producer in the descriptions.
If you convert or modify any of my packages and want to distribute those it's okay but you must tell your users what you have changed in it and mention MBL Dezign as source of the main design

X-plane or other platforms
All the sceneries in this page is free for you to convert for other platforms. I will not do it myself but i am flattered if you want to. Just dont forget to mention MBL Dezign as source of the main design
- It's totally free to use and re-design or convert our sceneries if you want as long as you put MBL Dezign in as co-producer of your version of the scenery package.
OBS! if you want to add or delete objects for your own use its okay. -And if you want to redistribute the converted scenery you will have to tell what changes you have done from the original scenery.