Liveries / Repaints


OBS! For all the products, there is a readme.txt file in the ZIP-packages. It's important that you read it before you install anything to Flight Simulator X

FSX / P3D / Steam
Many of our products is compatible between FSX and P3D, such as Liveries. When we know a product is working for P3D or FSX Steam we will say so. Otherwise you have to test it yourself

No guaranties
You use our products free and at own risk, we cannot give any guaranties that they will work with all other third parts products. Therefore it will be hard for us to take responsibilities for those problems.
If there is any reported known problems for a product and a solution, we will put them up on the pages for the products

All our products is totally free for private use and is not allowed to put into any other packages compiled for sale. If you want to use any of our products in your packages or want to make a deal you must contact us first!

Contact us
Because of "trolls" and other people with bad attitude or strange behaviour we have decided to not give the option to contact us through e-mail. We give no support but for contact you can visit our facebook page to leave comments. People with a rude, bad or a superior attitude will be ignored or banned. This simulator hobby shall be fun and its just an simulation not the real world!

X-plane or other platforms
All the sceneries in this page is free for you to convert for other platforms. I will not do it myself but i am flattered if you want to. Just dont forget to mention MBL Dezign as source of the main design
- It's totally free to use and re-design or convert our sceneries if you want as long as you put MBL Dezign in as co-producer of your version of the scenery package.
OBS! if you want to add or delete objects for your own use its okay. -And if you want to redistribute the converted scenery you will have to tell what changes you have done from the original scenery.